Hillary Clinton Body Double Conspiracy Theory Debunked By Lookalike Teresa Barnwell

Hillary Clinton body double

The Hillary Clinton body double conspiracy theory has taken a life of its own, and the mainstream media is now forced to report on it and debunk the idea. It all started after the presidential candidate faced a health scare in New York on Sunday.

Clinton was caught on camera having difficulties walking and standing on her own after “overheating.” The former senator was taken to her daughter, Chelsea‘s apartment and a few hours later she emerged in a much better state and waved to the public leaving the residence. Clinton also said she was feeling “great.”

The differences in the two scenes were noticeable and this was enough for wild theories to surface suggesting that Clinton was using a body double. Moreover, Clinton’s lookalike, Teresa Barnwell, added fuel to the fire by posting a photo of the apartment on social media.

The conspiracy theory was started by some Donald Trump supporters, and it later went viral. Trump followers, who do not believe in the Clinton body double conspiracy theory say that her campaign started the viral trend to make them look crazy and hide real concerns about the former Secretary of State’s health. Either way, the #HillarysBodyDouble is still very active in social media.

Barnwell has come out to say that she was just joking and that the whole thing was not accurate. Moreover, she was in Los Angeles filming a television appearance on Sunday. Although they share some physical similarities, Clinton and Barwell do not really look like twin sisters, experts say.

Clinton has been in the public eyes for a very long time and has been accused of far worse than using a body double, so her team is probably not taking this new accusation too seriously. The Clinton campaign revealed that the candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday to explain her most recent health episode.

Health experts believe it could take close to six weeks for her to recuperate fully.