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bloom box bloom energy

Bloom Box:Bloom Energy – Bloom box/Bloom Energy Fuel Cell Box infos can be found here. Bloom Energy Corporation which was founded by K.R. Sridhar in 2001 was featured on “60 Minutes” this evening.So what is Bloom Energy Fuel Cell you ask? Well according to the company ,the bloom box has the capacity to convert natural gas or other fuels into electricity.The goal is to have you/your home or your business generate your own electricity with the wireless box.Here is a brief presentation of the company:

Bloom Energy aims to give the world independence someday from power grids and gas stations. It builds what are called solid-oxide fuel cells, in which water, oxygen, and a hydrogen source such as natural gas are pulled through the cell to cleanly generate electricity. One of the byproducts of the process is hydrogen, which in turn can be used in a different type of fuel cell: the hydrogen-powered version imagined for propelling cars of the future. If Bloom’s technology fulfills its potential, homes and businesses could one day generate their own electricity and fuel their own vehicles.

Sridhar told CBS’ Lesley Stahl:

“Our system can use fossil fuels like natural gas. Our system can use renewable fuels like landfill gas, bio-gas.We can use solar.”

Enterprises like FedEx and Google are already using the technology.
That’s all we have for now on Bloom Box:Bloom Energy.

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    1. Kevin Henry says:

      I would like to buy a Bloom Box for my home. My budget is just $3,000…what would you suggest? Also, couldn’t I use my solar to power your box?

      Let me know ASAP!


    2. Don Arata says:

      I’m ready to buy a box for a new commercial building in the 20,000 s/f size

    3. Erik says:

      Wow !!! The future is here & now. Refreshing!

    4. steven banks says:

      are there stocks available in this company.

    5. eli blackeagle says:

      please send me more info ,i am building a in air and underwater craft . please respond, eli

    6. pfenske says:

      There are many fuel cell stocks available from companies adapting the tech to powering eveything from buses, locomotives, cars, home power plants, even tiny units to replace batteries for your iPods and laptops. Check out: Plug Power(PLUG), FuelCell Technologies(FCEL), Ballard Power(BLDP), and Mechanical Technologies(MKTY). You can buy these NOW, while they are still cheap!

    7. James says:

      OK, stated it is based on a discovery made while working for NASA. So he couldn’t patent it as they would own the design basics, they could even tell us how he does it. However when he added solar to the statement I become very leary and would have to see one in action to be sure it is on the up and up.

    8. D-train says:

      Is this company offically established and when is GE going to steal this idea! Lol hahahaha

    9. Diane Chen says:

      how long is every fuel cell last? does it need to be replaced after a while? Is it easy to mainten?

    10. Alex Purcell says:

      To awnser yoour question Diane Chen.

      The Bloom Box lasts atleast 10 years, and it only needs to have a few filters replaced every 3-4 years or so. And are very inexspensive!

    11. joe says:

      can I purchase the Bloom Box for home / privet use ?
      and where ?

    12. Cliff Miller says:

      My house is 2250 Sq Ft.
      What will it cost me to install your unit?
      How often do I need to replace the grids?

    13. Brad Peck says:

      When do you anticipate the cost per bloom box for
      single family residences will be $3,000.00 per unit?

      Also are any government buildings now using Bloomboxes for power? If so, where and which ones.

      What energy resources power the bloombox?

      Thank you
      Brad Peck
      Charleston, SC

    14. Banaa says:

      My question is with the inventor of Bloom Box why don’t you bring home server since Jan 2010. Are you trying to make fortune not bringing the home server or you are afraid of something; people will get this idea.


    15. bob says:

      sounds like a scam no one to answer questions