Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free?

Dylan | October 13, 2008 | 37 Comments More

Palin House:Sarah Palin's House Built For Free?

Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free? – Palin house is the drama of the day.The Palin family has a house worth $552,000 that is causing a bit of controversy. Palin house is located at Lake Lucille.It is a two-story, four bedroom, four bath home and “Todd Palin said that he built the house with friends who were contractors.”But reports claim that the house was actually built by the Spenard Builders Supply that was hired for the $12.5 million Wasilla Sports Complex.To make a long story short Palin made Spenard Builders Supply build her house in order for them to obtain the big Sports Complex contract.
That’s all we have for now on Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free?

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    1. Cazador says:

      According to the tax returns released by the Palins, they paid $10,203 in mortgage interest in 2007. Based on the average interest rates for 30-yr and 15-yr fixed-rate mortgages in 2002 (, the principle at its origination would have been approximately $165,000 and $220,000, respectively. As their house is now worth $552,000, the Palins sure have “built” a lot of equity in 5 years.

    2. jake says:

      I would like to have my house built for free. I built my house and the bank that loaned me the money requiried completion records and records of inspection. She is defintly using her power to skate around the system. What are her payments?

    3. Grace Barella says:

      A list of subcontractors on the [sports complex] job, obtained by the Voice, includes many with Palin ties. One was Spenard Builders Supply, the state’s leading supplier of wood, floor, roof, and other “pre-engineered components.” In addition to being a sponsor of Todd Palin’s snow-machine team that has earned tens of thousands for the Palin family, Spenard hired Sarah Palin to do a statewide television commercial in 2004. When the Palins began building a new family home off Lake Lucille in 2002—at the same time that Palin was running for lieutenant governor and in her final months as mayor—Spenard supplied the materials, according to Antoine Bricks, who works in its Wasilla office. Spenard actually filed a notice “of its right to assert a lien” on the deed for the Palin property after contracting for labor and materials for the site. Spenard’s name has popped up in the trial of Senator Stevens—it worked on the house that is at the center of the VECO scandal as well.

      Todd Palin told Fox News that he built the two-story, 3,450-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bath, wood house himself, with the help of contractors he described as “buddies.” As mayor, Sarah Palin blocked an effort to require the filing of building permits in the wide-open city, and there is no public record of who the “buddies” were. The house was built very near the complex, on a site whose city purchase led to years of unsuccessful litigation and, now, $1.3 million in additional costs, with a law firm that’s also donated to Palin collecting costly fees from the city.

      Dorwin and Joanne Smith, the principals of complex subcontractor DJ Excavation & Development, have donated $7,100 to Palin and her allied candidate Charlie Fannon (Joanne is a Palin appointee on the state Board of Nursing). Sheldon Ewing, who owns another complex subcontractor, Weld Air, has donated $1,300, and PN&D, an engineering firm on the complex, has contributed $699.

      Ewing was one of the few sports-complex contractors, aside from Spenard, willing to address the question of whether he worked on the house as well, but he had little to say: “I doubt that it occurred, but if it did indirectly, how would I know anyhow?” The odd timing of Palin’s house construction—it was completed two months before she left City Hall and while she and Todd Palin were campaigning statewide for the first time—raises questions, especially considering its synergy with the complex.

      What an unusual situation. Giant construction contracts are being awarded to campaign contributors at the same time that “buddies” who just happen to be contractors are “helping” Todd build their two-story house. At the same time Sarah ensures there will be no public record of building permits. WTF? How is this different from the Stevens situation?

      We need to know:

      Who Built Sarah Palin’s House?

    4. Susan says:

      Many people have built a lot of equity in the past few years. Also, consider the possibility that ,unlike many, they might not have borrowed every cent it took to buy the property and built the home.

      I am not a republican. I am just shedding another light on the commentary. I do think the whole deal is fishy and very Stevens-like, but the appraised value relevant to the mortgage interest is not a good indicator.

    5. Brenda an Alaskan says:

      Wasilla, Alaska does not require building permits. Housing values have doubled or more in the past two years in the Wasilla area. Alaskan’s have a culture to help their friends when they ask for help. Spenard Builder’s Supply is the largest building materials supplier in the state. They supply anything to anyone. That doesn’t mean that it’s free.

    6. Kurt says:

      Here in Washington State, we have a Republican (Rossi)running for gov. who has close ties to the building industry. In fact, there is a lawsuit against him concerning donation agreements with them.
      I think he got some sweetheart development deal after he lost 4 years ago too.

    7. ed says:

      it must be nice to have friends who will build you a house worth 3 times what you owe on. wonder how much she was making as mayor? or did she just have $350,000.00 saved up from her piggy bank.

    8. sick of it ... says:

      wow … $552,000 appraised value. Is that all? Didn’t I hear something about Barack Obama getting something like $1.4 million dollars from Freddie and/or Fannie? What is his house worth? And being a mere servant of the people, how does he afford it? It would be nice if politicians didn’t use “favors” to get what they want/need, but that is not reality and I think there are bigger fish to fry. Maybe Palin should have built something a little more grandiose, and really given muck rackers something to spead.

    9. Dazed and Confused says:

      She is as guilty of this as she is of Troopergate. If you want to advocate for her you are just as guilty as she is. How can people actually respect someone who has done the outright disrespectful and deliberate things that she has done? AIP is having there way in Alaska.

    10. BS Detector says:

      And a $150,000.00 shopping spree from the RNC too.

      That $500 haircut that John Edwards got looks inexpensive now, huh?

    11. MrPriest says:

      OK, here’s how building a house works, I built my own so I have some idea about costs. As a general rule it costs double when you have to have a contractor build it for you. If your house costs $200,000 in materials and land then you will pay a contractor $400,000 to build it for you, $200,000 in materials/land plus $200,000 in Contractor labor = $400,000. Your house will then be worth roughly $450,000+, as a general rule depending on location.
      If you can build it without using a contractor you will save the $200,000 and can add the equity $50,000+ onto that savings as well. I have contractor friends that have helped build houses for each other (including me) in their spare time, the savings are enormous and the instant equity is huge. Building a house in two weeks is not out of the norm, building a house part time could take up to a month. Either way if Todd had help from contractor friends, then it wouldn’t be abnormal to have so much equity. What his problem was, is that having his contractor friends help build his house lends the appearance of a conflict of interest. Bottom line is unless there is evidence that proves collusion (which doesn’t seem to be the case) then there isn’t anything illegal about it. Just stupidity

    12. sick of it ... says:

      I find it hard to believe that one can condemn Sarah Palin about her home and clothes and can somehow justify the behavior (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) and the associations (Rev Wright for OVER 20 YEARS, among others)that some of our elected democrats have so blatantly thrown in our faces. Talk about disrespectful and deliberate.

    13. Native Texan ! says:

      If Ted Stevens has been foundguilty ….wouldh’t it be appropriate to have Sarah Palin stand trail also ???

    14. Jeff from Seattle says:

      To “sick of it…”

      You asked “What is his house worth? And being a mere servant of the people, how does he afford it?”. Per Wikipedia, his house is worth 1.3 million (…. but he didn’t pay cash for it and still carries a mortgage. As far as how he could afford it as a ‘mere servant of the people’, you’re ‘forgetting’ that he is also a successful author, and his wife has a great job as too. You’ll have to look elsewhere for your conspiracy.

      PS – after leaving his post leading the Harvard Review, he could have picked from a wide variety of 6 figure jobs. Instead he chose to work to improve his community. Don’t fault the man for trying to be part of the solution.

      • Pat K says:

        I am sorry you are sick of it, but face it, Obama went to Harvard and other prominent schools with no visible means of support. Where did his money come from?? His whole life is a secret yet he has an income now of more than a million $ a year. He is very shady.

    15. Rick Cain says:

      Well on the good side, Palin only has ONE house.

      Maybe if she gets in trouble for this one, she can rent one of McCain’s 7 houses.

    16. Reba Fehey says:

      I hope Gov Palin will soon be on her way home to Alaska to live in her “little” house and figure out that she just couldn’t bamboozle the American people. I just heard her comments to CNN where she says she wants to work with President elect Obama on energy issues in the next administration…..I hope he will say no thank you to her offer – there are probably many problems attached to any offer she makes after the personal attacks she made during the campaign. Good luck Alaska.

    17. Pal says:

      I think she’ll take over Steven’s house once he’s in jail. And I think she’ll take over Steven’s job as well. Can she appoint herself to the Senate? Hide and watch. Bet she tries!

    18. diane says:

      This is what I am wondering also this sounds worse than the stevens case

    19. Waterdog says:

      Alaska for the good of all Americans and Alsaka. Please, get to the bottom of all Sarah Palin’s lies and half truths, we as a country do not need the distraction of her running again in 4 years. Please not again. With us all having to witness,her using the “attack dog” approach she seems to relish on the most qualified, this because she can not compete on the issues and qualifications, so she scares the less informed to elect the wrong person.There is something very,very wrong with this woman’s thought process…Best of luck Alaska….

    20. Marcus says:

      You are right Brenda.I’m from rural North Carolina and we do the same here. My friends helped me build my house and I helped helped build theirs. It’s a cultural thing they just don’t understand. They think everyone is on the take.

    21. Robin says:

      Wow, that house would fit in Obama’s garage. She should have contacted Barak’s real estate buddy Tony Rezko. He got a sweet deal for Obama. Oh, thats right, he’s in jail.

    22. Charlie says:

      If it quacks like one walks like one it is one. Come on guys, she is an expert opportunist. Most people who have hepled her career, have been bowled over or screwed over by her including McCain, she started running for 2012 two weeks into the campaign (remember her comments about Michigan) and anyone else who stands in the way of her rise to power. The power who she believes is her destiny. Queen Sarah will not stop until she is in the White house or in ruins by her own hand. The latter of which I believe will be her destiny. Someone she stepped on or who she will step on, is going to blow the whislte on her. And then her house of cards built illegaly or unethically will fold.

    23. Tate says:

      I noticed in the interview with Matt Lauer, the glass banisters/railings in her kitchen, stairway, and loft area ….. look like those used in a sports complex? I’m just sayin’….

    24. howIroll says:

      There are 2 mortgages on the house according to records: 1 for $245,00 and 1 for $94,000.00. Spendards is the largest building supply house in town and they definitely have the best prices. Nearly everyone gets their construction supplies there, and more than half the people I know here build their own houses with help from friends.

    25. Steven Moore says:

      It’s ugly.

    26. vicki in flyover usa says:

      My husband and I built our house. Literllay, as in pounded nails, sawed wood, painted walls. We have a mortgage of 75K and our house would probably appraise at about 175 to 200K. My husband has a lot of friends in the construction industry who came and helped, whom he has helped over the years. We live in a rural community not unlike Wasilla and besides Lowe’s there are only two builders supply places to buy our materials from. City folks just don’t get it.
      Given property values in Alaska and the size of their home, this is a modest house for a family of seven and one spouse who is the state governor and the other who is a world champion snowmobile racer. Most of the doctors in my town live in bigger nicer houses than this.
      You obsessed lefty Palin Haters need to find another tree to pee on. This one is a no go.

    27. Darrin says:

      Residential contractors usually have a 20% markup – 1/2 for overhead and 1/2 for profit. But does the $522,000 include the land? And is this the recent appraised value, or the actual costs of the house (if permits are required, these usually drastically underestimate the true costs).
      If you have contractor “friends,” you can save some of the Profit and Overhead, and contractors get better prices from suppliers because they are frequent shoppers. One needs to know all of the costs, and then look at what the standard price is to see if there are any favors. Of course, if the builder had a non-residential project, too, you can hide a lot of costs there, too. I have contractor clients that do that all the time – they love the “change orders.”

    28. Lydia says:

      we have a lowes, a home depot and then spenard builders supply that everyone uses in wasilla for building materials my family has built no less than 5 houses in the past 25 years and we have all used sbs I believe they have the only truss manufacturing plant so of course they were involved in both construction jobs.
      Also remember our market has not crashed, I bought my home 2 years ago and have around 40K equity. My brother built his around the same time and has 100K or 50% equity or so.

    29. hobbs says:

      here in my ohio county there are commissioners under fbi probe for allegedly accepting “favors” from contractors for stuff like finishing their driveways and built-in pools; then steering county contracts their way. A few govt officials have been charged and others are still being investigated. Is this just the way of the guess is its nothing new under the sun. It just comes down to how much power and clout people have and who the media favors on any given day. I think back to the Chicago Professor Ward Churchill who finally was vindicated and won $1 in court for being wrongfully terminated over free speech issues…though he didn’t get back pay or reinstated, he got the satisfaction of showing up the University in a court of law. Let’s get real here—yes, he probably ommitted giving proper credit in some of his papers—but the ugly truth (like it or not) is that about half of all college professors out there (and I would include dead ones such as Leo Strauss) probably broke some rules and played that game. I know, cause I’ve talked to quite a few. The question isn’t if the game is being played, the question is who is getting caught and who is being shielded and why? As an American I’m not really all that concerned about who is building Palins houses, why, and what they paid (if anything) can’t take it with you and your kids will only piss it away when you’re gone. Who cares—I don’t. But, I am real concerned about the rape of our environment up there in that beautiful state that I had the opportunity to see back in the 1980’s. I don’t pretend to know Alaskan’s but what struck me about the people up there (I was more than a tourist–but not a full resident) was their respect for diversity, their love of freedom, their almost protective nature toward individualism even if it bordered on extreme eccentricity, and their love of the land. I felt that AK was in good hands knowing that all those rugged individuals were up there keeping watch over the environment. I get a different impression today. It seems that there is a real conservative, neocon, dog-eat-dog vibe up there in AK now, like a stench or a boil that needs to be lanced. Whatever happened to the “don’t tread on me” spirit? When did all the lawyers and oil politicians shanghi your state? There were always lumberjacks in AK but they used to read Ezra Pound and write poetry…where did they all go? And I remember native people that had a reverence for the land that you couldn’t put into words; I guess now they are all like Todd on snowmobiles and doing talk shows? The stench is in the politics, and it’s in the air and it’s all over this country. I don’t object to your Governor Palin because she talks plain and so people make fun of her….big deal, coherent speeches aren’t her strong suit, so what…Will Rogers stuterred didn’t he? But I do worry about all the things she stands for, alienating people with “small town values” talk, as though people who live in cities don’t have appropriate values. The close ties between government up there and the gas and oil industry scare me, I wonder if Alaskans are thinking about it too?

    30. Andrew says:

      How much does it cost to heat that house.The windows are bigger than the double enrance door. (That’s time nine. That”s only one side. Don’t seem like the house of a man born in an iglo ? Sarah”s favorite place, watching the snowflakes from her warm energy saving house, while her subjects freeze.
      Tell that to the natives and the other white trash. Anyway soon you and first dude may be snuggling up in a jail cell built c/o Sarah’ How do find all this free accomadation Sarah.
      Todd disconnect the underground power to the sports complex, before someone discovers it.
      Could be illegal, We could get in hot water again?

    31. Andrew says:

      “Wow” Sarah and Todd divorcing. Sarah’s spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton stated today it’s another frivolous rumor. Sarah is not divorcing Todd?
      Todd is divorcing Sarah.

      “Again” The media have the facts wrong.

      Who will get the house? “Hopefully me” Loyal spokeswoman . Meg Stapleton.

      Trusted Estate Agent, Opportunist,and now famous bottom feeder.

      Talking about Trust’s keep sending the money folk’s

      Prediction: Sarah Palin , is heading for a nervous breakdown , a spell in the loony bin, then, not passing go. Going strait to jail.

      Rambling Ramblo Todd is heading for the hills, or the mountains.
      Track is going (news’s update) Track has gone AWOL on G.W. Bush’s advice.
      Levi is going to replace Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

      No human being can put up with this kind of pressure.
      Sarah, you deserve all that is coming to you, your husband, and your white trash friends, and advisers. “winky “winky”
      Now think about the poor old moose in the freezer.
      Don’t forget the reporters have to eat as well?

    32. george petras says:

      excuse me but sarah palin is a great great person ! you better realize that. since you know nothing about what she did as governor. and i dont wanna type long. but she knows what the hell shes doing and obama has no fn clue what the hell is going on ! he is skrewing up this country with higher taxes on everything! democrats dont know how to lower taxes to help out the middle class.

      but but your butt, sarah palin lowered taxes beyond what anyone else has and the working citizen supposed prospered via the slashed taxes. ciao dummy !

    33. george petras says:

      she absolutely does not deserve anything that is comming to her you friggin dummy !

      she is proablaby the best governor of all damn time ! you loser ! oprah wanna be

    34. GlossyNews says:

      Man I hope you’re telling the truth, because just reading about it pisses me off. She’s done so much to rape the American dream, and this house is just one amazingly enduring visage of it.

      I wouldn’t join the “death to Sarah” crowd, the people that say she should be murdered slowly with her children watching. I just think she should get face herpes right before a big speech. That should go over well. :[

    35. shallow dude says:

      Who cares Sarah Palin is white trash.

    36. Steve says:

      Get a job and quit worrying about Palin.
      I am not a supporter, but let’s compare her clothing allowance, paid for not from our taxes, but donations from Republicans! So who cares?
      What about Jackie O’s million dollar Oscar Da La Renta wardrobe?
      Plain’s house, 500k”s? Quite meager compared to any Governor, from any state.
      My Governor never had a job and lives in a 5 million dollar estate, besides his Florida condo valued at 3.2 million and ranch out west.
      Did you forget Obama was given the lot next door, by a friend who imprisoned for real estate fraud
      If you want to attack someone, start with the handicap who is running this country.
      At least Palin can show a valid, stamped, and official birth certificate!